Close-up of man with an amputated leg tying shoelaces on sneakers
Above and Beyond Orthopedics, LLC has provided services for over 10 years. We strive on our patients mental and physical success. We provide patients with the best choice for limb loss solutions. We are trained and experienced prosthetic practitioners bringing services to the people all over the Detroit metropolitan area. We have been providing individualized, personable, and thorough care to our patients. The care we provide to our patients afflicted with amputation due to injury or disease alike is personalized. We strive to empower you to reach your full potential and maximize your abilities. Our ultimate goal we have for our patients is to restore mobility and quality of life.

Types of Prosthetics

We offer prostheses for several types of amputation.



Amputation occurring below the knee. The prosthetic socket is the primary connection between the remaining limb and the prosthetic limb. The more intimate the fit of the socket, the more comfort and function you have will have. 



Above-the-knee amputations. 



A type of amputation involving the removal of the knee and part of the leg. The remaining lower portion is turned 180 degrees, with the ankle serving as the new knee joint. 



An ankle disarticulation that removes the foot leaves the heel pad intact, so weight can occasionally be put on the leg.